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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Little man slept through!

I can count on one hand how many times little man has slept through the night. Last night thanks to a fabulous pouch of Ella's kitchen vegetable and lentil bake administered at 8.30pm (in a last ditch attempt to stop the grizzling) was one of those nights. Hoorah! So from now on I shall be feeding him around 8-8.30pm in the hope of a repeat performance. Until it stops working anyway and then we can go back to a respectable dinner time.

Now that all visitors have gone and holidays are becoming a dim and distant memory, it's time to get my act together and get back on plan. So we started the day with toast (healthy extra.) Little miss obviously had Suuuper Hoooops before being bundled off to preschool. 

Once me and the little man got back home we shared some
Hot cross buns as a snack, I knew they weren't great syn wise, so spared the butter. And what a good job, having just checked it turns out they're 8 Syns each!! This is why you really should check before eating. 

For lunch I made a bacon, tomato and bean soup. I used to live on this soup and thought it'd be a great way to kickstart getting back on track. It's both syn free and packed full of veg to speed up weight loss and increase satiety. It's also great for packing loads of healthy nutrients into the baby and sneaking veg into little miss! 

Spray pan with fry light, add garlic, red onion, brown onion, red peppers, diced bacon (all fat removed), carrots, tomato purée and some paprika and mixed herbs and soften on a low heat. 
Then add chicken stock, tin of tomatoes, tin of mixed beans, a bay leaf and a carton of passatta and bring to boil. Simmer for 10-15 minutes (once all flavours have infused.) Blitz about half of the mixture into a purée. Siphon half off into pots to freeze down for the baby, and pour the rest back into the soup pan. 

Very tasty and easy to make. It lasts a few days too (although I recommend freezing it quickly and defrosting portions as and when, otherwise the peppers can make it turn quite quickly.) I love bread with soup,  so I find if I make it thick and chunky I don't miss having bread so much. I did do a slice of bread and butter soldiers for little man to pick at, or more accurately smear across his face, clothes, hair etc. After 2 mouthfuls he refused to eat anymore, so I got him a fromage frais from the fridge which he scoffed happily, then tried him with the soup again. I couldn't get it on the spoon and into his mouth quick enough. Either he's teething and needed to cool his gums a bit, or he just likes having his dessert first. This has become a bit of a regular thing in the last week or so. 

The Mr picked little miss up from preschool, neither could remember what she'd eaten beyond 'fruit salad I think' and 'we had cake, no not cake, erm...' (She got distracted by a baby signing book that she'd found in a cupboard somewhere.) Shortly after this she decided that I needed a foot rub because I was cold. Who am I to argue! 

For tea, the little dude had the same again (at 8.30pm... Fingers crossed...) followed by another fromage frais. Whilst me and the Mr had homemade burgers, with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and gherkins, a smidge of low fat mayo, mustard and ketchup (3 Syns total), healthy extra allowance of cheddar cheese (30g), and a lightly toasted 400g wholemeal bread (3 Syns per slice.) 

Total Syns = 21. So much for getting back on track. I think I'm going to have to start writing things down as I eat them to get me back to plan. 

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