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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bluestone HOLIDAY!!!

We are enjoying a lovely family holiday at Bluestone in Wales with friends who have two small people the same age as little man and little miss. Little man started the holiday with the tummy bug in full force. But judging by the way he wolfed down a whole bowl of bolognese, some pasta twirls, naan bread (we had curry) and a whole pot of fromage  frais I think we can assume he's feeling better.

My following of the slimming world plan is a bit half hearted this week. We are eating out as well as eating in and it's just not feasible to stick 100% to plan. But I am making conscious choices to at least limit my syn intake. We made a packed lunch yesterday for our trip to the farm/zoo  and I made sure to include fruit and veg, didn't add Mayo to my sandwich (using my healthy extra for the bread,) and just the tiniest smidge of low fat spread.

The biggest syn factor though by far is the prosecco consumption once the kids are in bed (as well as the cheeky glass whilst at the spa today!) in my defence I have been loading the glass with strawberries so my speedy fruit intake is up! 

We cooked a very scrummy curry and rice last night, semi cheating using a bit of pataks  rogan josh paste at 2 Syns per tbsp. Fresh garlic, ginger, onions, peppers, chicken, tomato purée, tinned tomatoes, passatta and spices. I was most impressed that the other 3 year old ate everything put in front of him, and wanted more. He had what was left over again for his tea tonight. 

Meanwhile we also made a basic Bolognese for my fussy little miss and the babies. Which also doubled up as my syn free lunch today. 
Tonight was my friend's turn to cook. She made a very tasty beef casserole loaded with onions, carrots and tinned tomatoes, and served with a jacket potato, broccoli and sugar snap peas. I had several helpings with lashings of the veg. 

Little man had a repeat of yesterday's bolognese and fromage frais fest, but with a slice of toast on the side. He also pinched a bit of the broccoli later. Little miss has 'basgetti' (or tinned spaghetti to the rest of us,) she didn't touch her toast. Whilst it was all very tasty my grand idea of  'one meal to suit us all' (why am I reminded of Lord of the rings at this point?) was blown out of the window. In fairness due to timing and the oven randomly switching off, but still. 

The other baby had been sick a few times today, so not really joined in with the food much, just the odd bit of bread. And just as we finally got little man settled tonight, little miss woke up being sick. I think the bug may be spreading! 

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