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Monday, 8 February 2016

Monday 8th Feb

Last night was not a good night. The baby has a cold, possibly flu, and so was up frequently through the night, again. So today was a PJ day, (apart from for the preschooler who insisted on a 'dress up in every dressing up outfit I own for 5 minutes at a time' day.) 

We started with brunch, which consisted of a slimming world BLT for me (see previous post on breakfasts) 2 syns for the mayo and use of my healthy extra for the bread, bacon sandwich and dippy sauce for the preschooler, and toast for the baby. He ate it surprisingly well considering. 

After a looooong day, I finally got around to cooking dinner. I'd baked some chicken breasts earlier in the day, so sliced some up with salad and mayo in a wrap for the preschooler. She spent about half an hour deconstructing it, refusing resolutely to eat the wrap, and announcing that she doesn't like 'white dippy.' 

Meanwhile I used the rest of the chicken, an onion, red pepper, green pepper, garlic, chillies, paprika, ground cumin and ground black pepper, and fried it in fry light. I wrapped some into a small tortilla (5.5 syns) with fat free fromage frais, and served the rest on the side along with some of the salad I'd made for my preschooler. For something I'd made up on a whim, it was quite tasty, But I think in future I'd either forgo the tortilla wrap or rip it up and mix it in with the chicken fajita. 

I had a 350ml glass of skimmed milk, as my healthy extra calcium fix, and a rich tea biscuit (2 syns) as an evening snack.

Total of 9.5 syns today. 

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