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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Dancing and mayhem

Friday is dancing day. The baby heads of to nursery, where he is spoilt rotten with attention and playmates, whilst me and the preschooler go dancing. She has ballet followed by acrobatics. And  then it's 'mummy's class' where we do a kind of Zumba but without the annoying music,  whilst the kids play together nicely around us. It's great, Kathryn, who runs 'dance factory' is brilliant with the kids and novice exercisers like me! 

Before we left, didn't really have time for breakfast in the car, me and the preschooler had an Alpen light breakfast bar (3 Syns,) and a banana each. Baby had milk and then snack and lunch at nursery. 

Mid dancing snacks for the preschooler were chocolate and 'bear' fruit things!! I refrained, even though one of my fellow exercisers got a chip butty from the cafe next door! 
Once we'd all got home I reheated the stew and had my healthy extra wholemeal bread, baby fell asleep and preschooler refused to eat. 

Spent the rest of the day tidying like a madwoman ahead of a crazy few days of lots of visitors and sleepovers. 

Restocked the stew with more carrots and potatoes, ready for our tea. (I love stew but thank goodness tonight is the last of it!) I decided to treat myself, and join in with the tiger bread (approx 7 Syns) for dinner, and it was yummy. The preschooler, 6 year old visitor and baby also devoured the stew & bread. Washed down with a bottle of Becks blue. 

Total syns 14.5.  Not quite the low syn day I'd planned but it could have been worse! 

Quick note, best magazine (on sale until Monday 15th Feb,) has a voucher for free slimming world membership, so if you're thinking of joining it's worth getting! 

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