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Sunday, 7 February 2016

In the beginning...

1/2st award
I rejoined my slimming group 4 weeks ago, so far I've lost 10lb. I am really chuffed with this, although slightly disappointed. 10lb in 3 weeks is great, but I lost 8lb in my first week. Yeah I was shocked and surprised too, I've never been one of those people who loses huge amounts each week. 

During my second week it was my birthday, so I celebrated by going out for meals, having people over and the most amazing, but so incredibly naughty, birthday cake made by my 3 year old daughter and her daddy. So to lose 1lb was in itself impressive. Birthday celebrations also crept into the following week, hence the second pride inducing 1lb loss. 

Next week's weigh in will be different, I'm back on it. Well apart from a leaving do night out at a very nice French restaurant with lashings of butter and yummy glazes. Although I lost track of how naughty the food was, I also had in the back of my mind not to fall too far from the wagon, so opted for smoked haddock risotto with green beans and a side salad rather than one of the many meals dripping in fat or creamy sauces. Unfortunately I forgot to ask for the salad with no dressing and it was smothered, so I didn't eat it. Nor did I consume vast quantities of alcohol. One medium white wine (for those following slimming world that's 6 Syns, they didn't do small glasses) and two bottles of Becks blue (non alcoholic, and just 2.5 Syns) 

Initially weaning was not going quite so well. The little man did not respond well to baby porridge or baby rice, and who could blame the poor little mite, they're awful. The only things I could coax him to eat were raspberries, and occasionally banana or potato (but only mash, not jackets or roasties - weird child.)
Yummy raspberries
 I resorted to google, and thought I'd try baby led weaning, or BLW to those in the know. Whilst phenomenally messy it seemed to pique his interest. Once you cut bananas into 'chip shaped pieces' they are slippery little suckers, but they squelch well and are quite tasty. Carrots once cooled are good for sore gums, and spiral pasta is just fun to play with and throw! 

As we've continued with BLW (not really following the rules but giving him finger foods) he has embraced it, actually eating some of the food rather than just squashing and throwing it. And I've found it easier to give him some of whatever I'm cooking. Toast seems to be the favourite so far. Lightly buttered (low fat low salt marge) 400g wholemeal brown bread, with the crusts removed and cut into little soldiers, is tasty, has a great new texture and is also fun to play with. 

So now we are back in the game I'll start sharing what we eat, how to only make one meal to cover us all and, if relevant, my recipes. And hopefully there will be a bigger result on the scales soon.

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