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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Post tummy bug weaning

After a shockingly bad night with a poorly little boy, we started the day with our good old favourite, scrambled egg, tinned tomatoes and toast. I've stopped using butter/marge on mine as the juice of the tomatoes makes it moist enough. 

Little man didn't each much, a couple of soldiers at most, it's hard to tell when he mushes it all up and chucks it all over the floor! 
As ever little miss ate all of the egg and had to be coaxed into eating some toast.  

For lunch I roasted some potatoes in fry light, reheated some of the chicken that I roasted the other day, and served with broccoli, green beans and sweetcorn (but not for little miss 'I don't like sweetcorn') and some chicken gravy. 2 Syns for the granules. I didn't manage to get a picture between little man screaming, which I roughly translated as 'I don't want food, how dare you put me down, and NO I am not tired!' And little miss 'mummy I did a wee!' In her rapunzel dress, whilst sitting in the dining chair. I still haven't gotten to the bottom of why she failed to even attempt to make it to the toilet. 

Eventually we got to eat a cold roast dinner, which was quite tasty. Little man isn't over yesterday's tummy bug (tuna fish cakes, jelly and ice cream are far less appealing on the return journey, and are a bugger to get out of a car seat!) So he screwed his face up at all of the food offered and reluctantly accepted a biscotti and some milk. 

Little miss was all about the grapes for the rest of the day, and a biscotti that she pinched from her brother. Once they'd finally gone to sleep I opted for vino. Not strictly slimming world friendly but it was a necessary syn to save my sanity! 12 syns. 

After much umming and aahing over tea, I finally opted to adapt a Bolognese from the freezer to make chilli and rice. It was seriously tasty. The addition of coriander might well be my new thing for chilli. Served with rice and 30g cheddar (healthy extra.) 

Total = 14 syns. 


  1. Getting used to eating again after a tummy bug isn't easy. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  2. Too true! And with teething, changes in digestion and generally being little bug magnets, an upset tummy seems pretty a frequent occupancy!
    Thanks for letting me link up to #justanotherlinky :)