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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Back to normality...then again!

The visitors have all gone home. And so it was back to normality this morning. Except I forgot to get a shop in, and the cupboards are largely bare! Well, bare of healthy-slimming-world-friendly foods anyway. If I wanted to live on rusks, biscuits, petit filous, and sweet chilli crisps I'd be sorted. 

Breakfast for the little man was a farley's reduced sugar rusk, most of which was briefly sucked and then unceremoniously thrown on the floor. Little miss had Soooper Hoooops, for a change. And I managed to scavenge 1 end slice of a 400g wholemeal loaf for toast (with a second slice later once I'd been shopping, it counts as my healthy extra.) 

Off to preschool for little miss and to the new shopping centre for me and the little man. 
After a few hours exploring the shops and facilities I decided to stop by the food hall. Hmmm, it was a sea of KFC, Burger King, Costa, Taco Bell, Indian and Chinese food. This caused a long dilemma and much online syn searching. Having ruled out the big chains, and veto'd boots and sainsbury's sandwiches (something like 18 Syns for low fat egg mayo if I remember rightly.)

decided I'd go for the Chinese option. In my head I reasoned that if I was going to use precious Syns, it'd be on something tasty and that I'd not had for ages. Having studied the menu for a disproportionately long time, I dismissed anything deep fried (aka scrummy,) and opted for chicken noodles. I hadn't factored that these would be coated in a sheen that I'm hoping was oyster sauce but suspect was likely to be grease. 

It wasn't until I sat down with my £6 tray of noodles that I spotted a Spudulike! I was gutted. I could have had a syn free lunch. Which would have been cheaper and something I could have shared with the little man. You live and learn eh?! 

When we got home I opened a pot of baby fruit purée which the little dude practically inhaled. He demolished the entire pot and followed it up with a Heinz biscotti. 

For dinner I roasted a chicken. Went shopping for some veg, fruit and bread and promptly ran out of time to do roast spuds! So I served up chicken with mashed potato (using a splash of milk from my healthy extra allowance,) green beans, tender stem broccoli, cabbage and a splash of gravy for me. 1 syn for the teaspoon of gravy granules. 

Hopefully this won't have too big an impact on the scales. My balance between good and naughty last week resulted in me maintaining (neither gaining nor losing anything) so hopefully the worst this will do is to have no impact! 

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