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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Let it stew for a bit...

Started late this morning, as the little man decided to sleep nicely last night, hoorah! And little miss was a bit under the weather this morning. So I didn't bother with breakfast (oops!), but madam had SOOOPER HOOOPS! 

I decided to cook a stew today, a firm favourite in our house. 

2 onions, 1 bag of carrots, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 pack of shin beef (removing visible fat much to my husband's disgust), 1 piece of oxtail (fat removed), 3/4 pack of knorr thick veg soup powder, and 1 bag of spuds. Chuck it all in a big pan (except the spuds) and cook for ages. Once it's basically all boiled and simmered for hours and you're fed up of waiting, add the potatoes. Boil again and then simmer as long as you can without chewing your arm off (and once the spuds are soft) and serve. Ideally with loads of buttered bread, but in this case with 2 x 400g wholemeal bread (healthy extra) thinly coated with low fat spread. The whole pan is 10 syns, so I count 1 syn per serving. 

The fussy preschooler demanded "no potatoes mummy, just carrots" (and then had 3 extra helpings of carrot, on top of the raw one we shared whilst cooking) and 3 slices of bread. Baby had a potato, 3 bits of carrot and some 'juice' squished together with a fork, and 3 buttered soldiers. He wolfed the lot down. 

We had the same again for dinner. But I added a piece of meat to the baby's bowl and a bit of extra juice to help soften the mulch. He wolfed that too (whilst wrestling to get the spoon and do it himself!)

Daddy brought an Easter egg home tonight. Cadbury buttons, yum! I worked out that 5 buttons is 1.5 syns (30g bag = 8 Syns / 37 buttons in the bag = 0.21 per button.) so that's what I stole from my preschooler, who didn't care as she had THE EGG!!! And was ever so slightly covered in a thin layer of chocolate. 

I also pinched a smidge of the remaining egg once she'd gone to bed! 

Total syns: 6 

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