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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Visitors, or uh-ohs and ta-dahs!

We've had a number of visitors staying with us over the last few days, so both adhering 100% to plan! and weaning healthily have taken a bit of a back step. Although he hasn't done too badly, a few more rice cakes, breadsticks and soldiers than normal. 

That said where I can I've limited the syns. Breakfasts have largely been either Slimming World friendly omelette or fruit salad and yogurt. Little man has been enjoying toast or his new found favourite...fromage frais!

I fell of the wagon slightly with a scrummy lasagne, whilst it can be made slimming friendly, this one wasn't. When I asked Mr TWM for the quantities used in the b├ęchamel sauce so I could work out syns, he told me he had no clue as it was made by eye. So I decided to just enjoy it and accept that it may have an impact on the scales. I did only have a small piece and served it with loads of salad. - my definite uh-oh of the week! 

Little man also had lasagne (well the bolognese bit) which he absolutely devoured. I think we've discovered a new favourite.

I did make a very low syn oriental soup. Usually it'd be free but I realised once I started I'd run out of chicken stock, so used a flavour packet from a pack of noodles! This was my 'ta -dah' of the week! 

Cooked chicken breast (shredded using 2 forks), pack of stir fry veg, baby sweetcorn, chicken stock, Chinese 5 spice, 2 kaffir lime leaves (optional), ginger, 1 stick of lemongrass crushed (whole,) soy sauce, nam pla (fish sauce,) garlic, and chillies. Put it all in a pot together, bring to the boil and then simmer for up to 30 mins (anything beyond that and it gets a bit bitter.) can be served with noodles or just as it is. Yummy.  - Note the chilli content means it's not really suitable for the children. 

Fingers crossed my good elements will outweigh the naughtiness on the scales tomorrow! 

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