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Monday, 8 February 2016


Ultimately I plan to write daily (more or less) about what we are doing, and the ups and downs of slimming and weaning at the same time. But for today I thought I'd give you a flavour of our favourite slimming/weaning/fussy preschooler breakfasts.

A staple breakfast for me is raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and half a banana, covered in shape fat free yogurt. 

I then cut the other half of the banana into chip shaped chunks (4 pieces) for the baby to squish into his face, hands, clothes, chair and occasionally his mouth. 

My preschooler will usually have cereal (Morrisons super hoops at the moment, mostly because she loves me asking if she would like SOOOPA HOOOPS!! For breakfast,)  followed by whichever bit of fruit I have left that takes her fancy. 

We also enjoy a BLT slimming world style.

Grill several rashers of bacon, making sure all visible fat is removed. Take two slices of 400g wholemeal bread (not granary or seeded bread for your healthy extra allowance, as they incur syns.) Spread 1 level tablespoon across the two slices (2 syns.) Slice one tomato, and tear some lettuce leaf, I prefer romaine lettuce, and build up your sandwich. 

The preschooler has one or two rashers in one slice of bread with both red and brown 'dippy' sauce. Let's face it, if it's not smothered in dippy sauce of some description she is not eating it! 

Meanwhile for now the baby has a slice of toast to scrunch up and unceremoniously squelch into his mouth, hair, clothes etc, as he gets some teeth he'll tuck into some bacon with the rest of us. 

On a weekend we thoroughly enjoy brunch. My personal favourite is scrambled egg, sausages, and tinned tomatoes on toast. I use Morrisons chipolata sausages at 2 syns each. The rest is free if using no butter on the healthy extra toast (the tomato juice makes it moist enough). 

I prefer my scrambled eggs cooked in the frying pan (with fry light) rather than in the saucepan or microwave. This method makes scrambled egg easy for the baby to eat as I can give him strips of egg, and soldiers, with unsalted butter/marge.

The preschooler is going through a phase of being obsessed with sausages, so she has a sausage sandwich ... with dippy sauce...and takes the bread off! We can but try. 

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