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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How much?

We were up and out early this morning, as I was using one of my 'keep in touch' days at work. Subsequently both kids had all of their meals at nursery today. The baby did really well today putting away several lots of fruit, a good chunk of ham and cheese potato cake for lunch. and pasta and cheese for his tea! They commented on his 'healthy appetite', little piglet. I think we can safely assume that after an unimpressed start he is embracing this food lark! 

I had a banana for breakfast, and then got so stuck into what I was doing didn't realise it'd gotten to lunch time. 
I'd put together a salad the night before, with romaine lettuce, 'bistro salad', cucumber, tomatoes, pickled onions, red pepper, broken up ryvita multigrain (2 syns each or 3 for a healthy extra), and 30g cheddar (also a healthy extra). Followed by a shape yogurt (free.) 
To be honest it wasn't that nice. The ryvita had gone a bit soggy from being in with the salad and in the fridge overnight. You live and learn eh! 

By mid afternoon I was ravenous, but hadn't taken anything else in with me, and couldn't justify the syns for crisps or chocolates. So I just ignored it. 

I had the mad dash, when I eventually got home, of feeding the baby (partly to relieve the pressure, partly because he was hungry and trying to attach to daddy, and partly to help reduce any excess weight ahead of my weekly weigh in,) and then getting ready to go!

I was shattered, and hungry by this point, so I made the decisïon to go to weigh in, but not stay to my group. We also decided to get a takeaway for tea! I'm slightly disappointed that I decided to go home, as this week I lost a whopping 4.5 lbs, which brings me to a total of 1stone loss in 4 weeks! :) 
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I should probably add that after my giddiness at losing my first stone, I tried to limit the damage of the takeaway, whilst still thoroughly enjoying the excess Syns! I only had half of the naan bread rather than all of it. A nibble of poppadom (the preschooler nabbed the rest of the 'crispy' anyway.) half of the chicken tikka, a couple of chicken pakora, all the salad and just a couple of mouthfuls of chicken rogan josh with about an 1/8th of a chapatti. Very yummy and roughly 24 Syns for the lot. I washed it down with half a bottle of Becks blue, a very tasty non alcoholic beer at just 2.5 Syns a bottle. And then pinched one of my daughter's Freddy bars! (Oops, 5 Syns.) 

Total of 32.5 Syns!!! Better be good for a few days to counter balance it! 

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