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Friday, 11 March 2016

Immunisation fall out

Little miss had an absolutely shocking night. She had her booster immunisations in the morning and was starting to feel a bit grotty by bed time. She had been complaining that her arm hurt when she got home from preschool. By 4am my sympathy had started to wain a bit. Despite the calpol she still wasn't asleep because she felt poorly, had a temperature and was generally grizzly, oh and because she was tired!  She eventually went to sleep at about 4.30am, at which point little man woke up. I swear they have some sort of telepathic version of tig. 

I rearranged  my work keep in touch day. We decided to have a PJs day. I love those sorts of days where you don't bother getting showered and dressed, and just mooch around in your Jammies watching films, snuggled on the sofa with a duvet. Heaven! 

We opted for the favourite breakfast, bacon, scrambled eggs and tomatoes for me, eggs and toast for little man and what has somehow come to be known in our house as a 'goodnight egg', I have no idea how it adopted this nickname, but it's basically an egg fried in a bit of bread with a hole cut in the middle. I attempted to jazz it up a bit by using a hedgehog shaped cookie cutter to make the hole. Didn't look much like a hedgehog by the time I'd finished cooking the egg. Hey ho, maybe next time I'll try a more distinctive shape, or maybe next time I'll stop trying to be poncy and just rag a hole in the middle of the bread! Either way she'll take two bites and decide she doesn't like them, in spite of promising that she definitely does want one and will absolutely eat it all. 

For lunch we redistributed the lunch I'd made to take into work. I had bacon and boiled egg salad, (1 syn for the extra light mayo,) little man had a bit of egg mayonnaise with crumbled bacon followed by 1/2 a pot of rice pudding. Little miss had a cheese sandwich with the carrot and cucumber batons I'd made for snacking, and the other half of the rice pudding. Very tasty. 

When daddy got home from work I got sent to bed to catch up on a bit of sleep. Hoorah. So we had a late tea, bangers and mash with beans and gravy. Not strictly following the slimming world plan as there wasn't a speed veg in sight but it was tasty! (1 syn for low fat spread in the mash, as well as some of my health extra milk allowance, 1 syn for the gravy granules and 6 Syns for the 4 chipolatas sausages.) 

I thought it was odd that little man wasn't really interested and only had a few mouthfuls, until daddy informed me he'd already fed him 2 Ella pouches! 

Total Syns today = 9

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