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Friday, 4 March 2016

Snow = scuppered plans

Friday is dancing day for little miss and mummy, but the heavy snowfall overnight and into the morning scuppered those plans. So we decided to have a leisurely morning with our favourite breakfasts. Little miss had Madagascar bsgetti (spaghetti) on toast, I had scrambled egg and tinned tomatoes on toast (healthy extra), and little man had a combination of the two. Although he refused to eat any egg, using his new trick of shaking his head, to make it clear that he would not participate. 

We had planned to go out in the snow with the sledge (which would have been a little pointless in our flat garden but hey.) but by the time I suggested putting warm clothes and wellies on, little miss was settled watching shrek for the millionth time and didn't want to go out. As little man is a bit under the weather today I didn't push it. 

We're at that point of really needing to do a shop. So have that random selection of foodstuffs in the house that mean you struggle to work out a meal. We had a whole chicken in the fridge and some potatoes in the basket so I cooked a roast for lunch. 2 Syns for the gravy, and another 2 Syns because I used a bit of oil with the potatoes. It took a bit longer to cook than I had anticipated so little man ended up having an Ella pouch, again. We were in a bit of a rush by the time lunch was ready so I explained that we needed to eat quickly and then go out. Silly mummy. Little miss ate fantastically well, but also ate 1 pea at a time  I found myself praising her for good eating but also getting cross with her for taking so long, deliberately. In the end I decided to abandon any attempt to leave the house. Snow was proving a bit tricky to navigate the car out, and I just couldn't face the fight to get madam away from the table and out of the house without us all getting stressed out. 

I was meant to be going out with a group of mum friends for Thai food and drinks, but again the snow stopped that plan in its tracks. Boo for snow. So for our tea we had chicken sandwiches (and the last Ella's pouch in the house. Goodness knows what I'll feed him tomorrow if the snow hasn't cleared, toast and yogurt I think.) Little miss had cucumber and tomatoes with hers and surprisingly ate it all. I had cucumber, tomato, beetroot, pickled onions, gherkins and some leftover roast potatoes with my sandwich. Lots of speedy veg to hopefully counteract my bread Syns. 6 Syns for 2 slices, and 2 Syns for the low fat spread. 

Total = 12 syns. Not bad but had planned to be so much worse. 

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