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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Ninja training

At who knows what time this morning I was woken up by little miss fidgeting. I have no idea when she climbed into the bed. I think they're doing some sort of ninja training at nursery. After a bit more fidgeting and a couple of requests to watch a film, I finally convinced her it was still the middle of the night and to go back to sleep. At 6.30, I knew I was fighting a losing battle when little man woke up gurgling. Then woke his sister. 

We all had beans and cheese (healthy extra) on toast (healthy extra, with 2 Syns for low fat spread.) Uncharacteristically little miss finished hers and asked for more toast. Little man shook his head after a couple of mouthfuls and then had 2 pots of fromage frais. Obviously he's not a fan of beans. 

Daddy nipped to the shop for some food to see us through until the big online shop arrives tomorrow. So little miss made her favourite 'picnic' for lunch. Mini pork pies, cocktail sausages, cucumber (which she sliced herself), tomatoes, cheese chunks (which she also cut herself) and red and brown dippy sauce. She was surprisingly good at using the knife (not a sharp one though mummy.)  Meanwhile I defrosted some of the bacon, bean & tomato soup I made last week for me and the little man.

I missed tea time as my tiredness overcame me, and I fell asleep on the sofa. Despite little miss hitting me in the face with a cushion shouting 'WAKE UP MUMMY, ITS NOT YOUR NIGHTS NIGHTS TIME.' But apparently picnic was enjoyed again by both of them. 

Me and the Mr opted for a takeaway. I had chicken rogan josh as I know it's the lowest syn option (6 Syns), with rice rather than naan or chapatis. It was a real disappointment, nowhere near as nice as the last time we ordered one from the same place. So I didn't eat it all. I tried a bite of Mr's chicken tikka in naan bread, also not that great and left unfinished. 

Total Syns today = 10 (Probably overestimated  the naan kebab, but best to be on the safe side.) 

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