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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Weigh hey

Little miss had to have her next lots of immunisations today, so we got to have a bit of a sleep in. But as is always the way when you have loads of time, we ended up running around like loons to get out in time, so our planned BLT brekkie ended up being more of a sense of deja vu. Berries, pomegranate and yogurt for me, fruit puree for little man and...you guessed it... Soooper hoooops for madam, followed by the rest of the pomegranate. I think pomegranate is actually her favourite food.

After her very brave effort at the Drs (no flinching or complaining) I dropped her at preschool, and the little man and I returned home for a day of playing. I did attempt to do some other stuff but if he wasn't being directly entertained he was shouty and crying. So I gave in. Largely because he was being super cute and smiley learning new skills (attempting a bit of rhythm with rattles and drums.) He's definitely had a few 'look at me Mummy, aren't I clever?!' moments today.

The rest of our meals can be summed up with one picture:

Yesterday's Thai curry and rice for me and more Ella for little man. I love Ella, I in case you'd not noticed, but I'm starting to get a bit of mummy guilt that I'm not cooking enough meals for him at the moment. I plan to remedy this from the weekend. He's in nursery tomorrow while I'm in work so I don't need to feed him, and I know he'll have lovely home cooked food. Friday is a crazy busy day so cooking is unlikely. 

It was weigh in day today and I was a bit apprehensive this week. With no real idea if it'd be a good or bad result. I didn't think I'd been particularly bad this week but equally I've been a bit 'munchy' all week so in my head it could have gone either way. But my brief worry was needless. I lost 3lb this week! What a result! That's last week's gain plus a bit. Happy is an understatement.

Today's Syns = 9 (Aldi Moser Roth mini cherry and chilli chocolate bar = 7 Syns)

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