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Friday, 11 March 2016

Busy friday

We had a repeat of the phenomenon I mentioned earlier in the week, we had loads of time this morning so ended up in a massive rush. Little miss managed to stay in her own bed all night, little man not so much but at least he didn't wake too often. We had a rushed brekkie of fruit puree pot for little man, who was very shouty for no apparent reason. Soooper hoooops for Madam, and left over sausages in a sandwich for me, bread was my healthy extra, dash of ketchup (1 syn), 3 chipolatas sausages (4.5 Syns.) once I'd packed up half of the house we set off for dancing. Late. And hit every bit of traffic, the slowest tractor in the world and roadworks en route. 

We started with little miss' ballet class. Then straight into her acrobatics. She more or less had a one to one lesson today which was both good and bad, she got to practice a bit more with additional focus on correcting her positioning and technique (roly polys are less a jumble of arms and legs now.) BUT she really missed her friends and got a bit bored of the repetition. (The lack of queueing for the next go seems to break it up a bit normally.) Once acrobatics was over it was mummy's turn. 

Little man was asleep in his car seat, little miss was set up with a film on the tablet and snacks (carrot and cucumber batons, a bag of bears dried fruit and a packet of quavers. Not the most balanced lunch but it could have been worse.) And then we began. I find with my class, which is a kind of Zumba inspired excercise, if I just go with it I'm OK, but as soon as I start to overthink each move my feet lose all sense of coordination. Surprisingly little man didn't wake up until 2 songs from the end and seemed quite content to watch mummy flailing around like a loon. Little miss decided she needed to come and hold my hand for the last one, which made attempting to balance on one leg for the stretches a bit more challenging. All in all it was a good class. 

We dashed off from dancing for a quick drink in our favourite cafe, and a speedy Ella pouch for little man. Before heading to the dentist for check ups all round. Both of them were very good at opening up and letting the dentist have a good nosey round. Phew. Little miss' first trip to the dentist was utterly pointless as she refused to even bare her teeth let alone open her mouth. 

Following the dentist we went to our favourite jungle gym for a play date with the baby gang. By this point I was ravenous, having not had time for any lunch myself. So I went completely off plan and had a plate of cheesey chips and a tuna mayo sandwich (on a white tea cake.) little miss had fish fingers, beans, smiley faces, my crisps and 1/4 of my sandwich. Little man only managed a few spoonfuls of rice pudding before refusing to eat anymore and demanding milk. 

When we finally got home, little miss was treated by daddy to 3/4 of an Easter egg and then went to bed with no complaints or delay tactics! 

Hoorah for busy Fridays! 

Total Syns today = no idea! But I'll need to reign it in for a few days. 

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