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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Back from the blip

After a weekend that was essentially a large blip in the slimming world plan, a trip to the Golden Arches, popcorn at the cinema, takeout pizza and a christening buffet with cake, I got back on plan on Monday. 

Nanna came over to look after little man while I went in to work for the day. Little miss went to nursery as usual. My breakfast consisted of 2 slimming world high fi bars (healthy extra),  I snacked on cherry tomatoes and grapes, and had a chicken salad with low fat Mayo (2 Syns) for my lunch. 

When I got home I defrosted last week's chilli (1 syn) and served it with rice and 30g cheese (healthy extra.) I'm not entirely sure what little man ate all day, but I think it was mostly Ella pouches and toast. Daddy took over from Nanna and she'd gone home by the time I got back. I finished the day on 5 Syns (I had a square of chocolate after my tea.) 

This morning Little miss had her usual breakfast, despite me trying to convince her to have scrambled egg or 'bsgetti' on toast. Little man had 2 pots of fromage frais and a slice of toast. I swear he has hollow legs. I seemed to forget to have anything amidst the child feeding frenzy. Not quite sure how that happened. 

We spent the morning decorating their bedrooms (not a full on repaint, just putting up stickers and pictures etc.) so we had a bit of a late lunch. Cheese sandwich for little miss with cucumber and tomatoes on the side. I had a chicken sandwich with cucumber and rocket, and tomatoes, pickled onions, a gherkin, beetroot and more cucumber on the side. Little  man had a mix of bread, chicken, cheese chunks and cucumber (with the skin removed.) Very healthy and quite tasty. Just 2 Syns for the low fat spread, the bread was my healthy extra. Then we went back to decorating. 

I had planned to make the sausage cassoulet from the new slimming world free foods cook book (but using chipolatas sausages at 1.5 Syns each), however  by the time I'd finished sticking asteroids and space invaders to the wall it was getting a bit too late for that so we had sausages and mashed potato with lots of speed veg. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and green beans, as well as peas and a splash of gravy. Little miss ate loads, 5 sausages in the end (2 extra helpings), extra veg which is almost unheard of, and then they both had custard for pudding. 

Total Syns today = 6.5 

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