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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Good intentions...went to pot, or old macdonalds!

Today started really well. Suuuper hoops for little miss, obviously. Two pots of fromage frais and a rusk for the piglet. And a bowl of raspberries, grapes, banana and shape yogurt for me. Then we went out...
We attempted to get to a baby/toddler story time group, but traffic meant we would miss the start so decided to sack that off in favour of a trip to mothercare! Partly to collect a hat I'd ordered for little miss' world book day costume, and partly to try out booster seats. On the way back from our holiday in Wales last week we discovered that she's learnt how to undo her car seat straps. So figured we should look into a different seat.

It took way longer than I expected to go through various car seat trials. Before I knew it it was 2pm and none of us had eaten lunch. So I bundled them into the car to head home when little miss spotted the Golden Arches and asked if we could get lunch from 'old macdonalds?'  As I knew it'd take at least 40 mins to get home I caved and got us both a happy meal. I figured it was the lowest syn option I could go for! We both ate them in the car while little man slept, then headed home to feed him. Given the timing I opted for Ella (I feel like I've been sponsored by Ella's kitchen this week, just without the sponsorship element...really need to find them on offer somewhere!) he troughed down 2 pouches, butternut squash version for his main and 'the White one' for pudding. I swear that boy has hollow legs.

Then we had a lovely hour or so playing with threading alphabet beads, until I got a bit frustrated that little miss couldn't find the letters she was 'looking' for. Hint, it helps if you actually look at the beads and not everywhere else in the room. 

At this point I decided to leave the children in the living room with daddy whilst I escaped to the sanctuary of the kitchen to make tea. Pasta bake. Or so I thought until I realised I was missing half of the ingredients. Eventually I opted for sausage, mash, beans and gravy. Mostly as that was the only complete meal we had available. I think I must have been drunk when I did the shopping this week. Or maybe it was just forgetfulness caused by sleep deprivation.

Little miss had seconds and thirds of her sausages and actually a fair bit of mash and beans, which is largely unheard of. Little man spent about half an hour eating the biggest bit of sausage he could shove in his mouth, and would not let me get it off him. 

Once madam was safely tucked up in bed I spent the rest of the evening with a glass of wine, a small KitKat and my sewing kit, making costumes for world book day on Thursday. 

Total Syns = not sure, I daren't add it up, but I'm guessing roughly 30-35. Its weigh-in day tomorrow so I'll assess the damage, draw a line under it and start again from scratch. 

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