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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Snow day!

Little miss should have been in preschool/nursery today, but we woke up to snow which fell thick and fast throughout the morning, so we decided to opt for a snow day. 

After a bit of discussion we settled on scrambled eggs on toast, with tinned tomatoes for me, until I realised we were out of bread. Little miss didn't want an omelet, so just for a change she had suuuuper hooops. I wonder if we'll ever be able to say that normally again?  

I finely diced half a red onion, half a green pepper, a few cherry tomatoes and some bacon with the fat removed and chucked it all into the pan to soften. I added 3 eggs, which was all going fine until I tried to turn it, at which point I discovered it had stuck, fast. So we had a scrambled mess which tasted yummy instead. Little man did pretty well with it, but as is the way with finger food much of it went in his lap, on the floor, in his hair etc. 

By the time we'd finished and thought about going out to build a snowman, much of the snow had melted. So we sang songs and little man started the grizzling that was to last all day. Bloody teeth! 

For lunch I made a bolognese which, considering I snuck some green peppers in, little miss ate reasonably well. Little man troughed his with a few grumbles and a bit of pasta chucking thrown in for good measure. As you can see there wasn't much left. I decided not to bother giving little man anymore pasta after retrieving it from under his chair for the nth time. 

Surprisingly little miss found some room for a biscuit once she spotted a packet. And after a 10 minute debate "if you've got room for a biscuit you've got room for more of your lunch" ended with "but I've made some room for the biscuit, look" as she lifted up her t-shirt. I gave in. By this point they were working in tandem. Whilst reasoning with his big sister, it became clear to little man that my whole focus was not on him, and frankly mummy that is unacceptable. 

After a bit more grizzling, largely prompted by me looking away, or *insert dramatic music here* leaving his side aka abandoning him, I succumbed to the lure of the biscuits. Grrr. 

Due to time, and significant wearing of patience today, we had bolognese again for tea. 

Tonight was the dreaded weigh in. After the combination of visitors and then the prosecco fueled holiday, not to mention the biscuits and junk food, I was dreading getting on the scales. But it seems my attempts to have moments on the plan and be good did indeed mitigate the sheer naughtiness. 2lb gain. I can live with that. I stayed to group to help get my head back into it, so here's hoping my resolve maintains its determination to be good this week and see results next week! 

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