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Monday, 7 March 2016

From the mouthes of babes...

Nothing exciting or new to report today really. Breakfast was more of the usual. Berries, bananas and yogurt for me. Yogurt for the little man, with little miss munching her way through Soooper hoooops.
We had the usual faff getting out of the house and to nursery. After  a quick trip to an antique shop for a bit of a mooch around, me and the little man went back home. He's full of cold at the minute so is being a bit whiney and high maintenance.

I had chilli from last night's tea, and rice for lunch, with my healthy extra cheese allowance. Little man wolfed down some homemade Bolognese. I'd planned to spend a rock n roll afternoon doing housework, but poorly clingy boy put a stop to that by grumbling as soon as I got more than 30cm away from him.

I'd managed to make myself a slice of bread and low fat spread. I also had a 2 finger kit Kat, 5 Syns. As there comes a point after being screamed, shouted or whined at all afternoon that only chocolate or vast quantities of alcohol will do.

Whilst playing catch with little miss she complained that I 'got her' with my boob. I pointed out that it wasn't my boob that she 'headbuttered' (as she calls it) but my tummy. She looked at me for a second then said "your big belly? Not your small belly!" whilst putting her hand on my 'two tummies!!' Both me and the Mr laughed at the innocence with which it was said, but it reinforced for me that I really need to work at this slimming world plan, and get myself back on plan properly if I want to lose my 'big belly' (and reduce the small one!)

A selection of Ella's Kitchen pouches bought as 'back-up' for little man!

I had the remaining chilli and rice from lunch for my tea, with the tiny bit of rice that was left over and a slice of 800g wholemeal bread (healthy extra.) and then snacked on a punnet of grapes. Little man had a fromage frais and then a pouch of Ella's veggie feast with beans (can't help thinking I may regret when it comes to changing his nappy in the morning.)

Total Syns today = 12 Syns

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