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Wednesday, 16 March 2016


We have yet more visitors from today so spent much of this morning doing the last minute tidy/Hoover etc in between taking little miss to nursery and little man for his health visitor check up.
Little miss had....yep, you guessed it...super hoops for breakfast (even I'm bored of Soooper hoooops now!) little man had some toast and milk. Once again I didn't end up having breakfast because we just ran out of time.

Little man had homemade Bolognese with left over mash for lunch which he absolutely wolfed down. Followed by half a tub of rice pudding. I had the other half at 3 Syns. Followed by a few mouthfuls of Bolognese. Why is it we are the lowest priority when we have things to do? 

Weigh in tonight and I was really apprehensive stepping on the scales after the blip weekend. But I needn't have worried. I lost 1lb. So I celebrated with Bolognese and pasta, and used up my healthy extra with 30g cheddar. I also had a bit of bread, oops, and a few mini eggs at 1 syn each. 

Total Syns = 15 Syns 

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