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Monday, 28 March 2016

Visitors + visiting = dreading the scales

As you can probably tell from my blog silence it's been a busy few weeks. I decided to make the most of the end of my maternity leave by visiting relatives. And as is the way when staying with other people, my adherence to 'the plan' has been severely lacking. I'd be lying if I said I'd even been halfway sticking to it. So I'm dreading the scales on Wednesday. This image pretty much sums up my good points for the last few weeks:
I didn't eat any of the chocolate hat! But I did succumb to my much missed favourite, pie, mash and liquor! Which little man had his first taste of and i'm pleased to say he enjoyed. 
Now I'm back home I have 2 days to put right a week or so of bad choices. I started to get back on track tonight with a syn free Bolognese I had in the freezer, and did pasta for me and little miss, as well as some garlic bread for the children and daddy to share. I also used my healthy extra on cheese.  
Thankfully I did my online shop so it would arrive today, so the bare cupboards are now brimming and I have no excuses. I'm planning to make a super filling vegetable and bean soup tomorrow to hopefully help counteract the naughtiness. 

I just need to somehow not get sucked into stealing some of the little munchkins' Easter eggs! 

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